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2012-03-12 22:35
I am wondering if at some point, there may be a Netbook Edition of Linux Deepin. I realize that Netbooks are limited 1) by the CPU, an Intel Atom. 2) by a cap of 2GB RAM. 3)by having on-board graphics. But they ARE handy for going out and about. Not to mention that despite a small screen, they use a traditional user interface, none of this "touchy-feely" stuff you get with Tablets.
Also, would the 32Bit version of Linux Deepin be a suitable surrogate, untill a Netbook Edition is available?
Last but not least, Linux Deepin is GREAT!! I am a relative new-comer to Linux and apart from PinguyOS, I am most impressed by what the Linux Deepin Team have achieved. I am 50+, unemployed and learning to explore Linux,it's another country and so MUCH better that plain old Windows
All the best, yours respectfully
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2012-03-13 01:31
thanks for your feedback, SolsticeEireann. Netbook edition are not in consider now. You can try another desktop environment for your computer hardware requirements, such as LXDE, XFCE, or KDE Plasma netbook edition. They would be good for you.
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2012-03-13 12:05
I have installed  LinuxDeepin on my eee netbook (1001px, 2GB). It runs very well there. On login it only takes about 150 mb of ram. As I type this message it is using 225 mb of ram with 500 mb cached.
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2012-06-26 03:15
I am Sergio fm Argentina. Delighted with this GNU-Linux distribution. Only ONE problem by now. Cannot recognize webcam!!! I've a Packard Bell MX 51, not new but good enough for me. Can u help me pleeeease? The point is, I'm just an advanced user, not a computer genious... Sorry.
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2012-10-05 10:22
I have installed Linuxdeepin on a netbook to (Asus Eeepc T101MT). It works correctly.
The only one problem is for some windows (Deepin Software Center or Deepin Music Player) wich are a little too large for the screen (but it works anyway)
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2012-10-08 07:17
I run Deepin 12.06 on my Lenovo S10-3 without any problems.

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