download speed is utterly slow. Please help.
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2012-07-17 02:04
I've noticed since past five days that when downloading anything through Deepin's software center, it would take an hour to download anything even few megabyte apps. I tried updating the source lists through the terminal and when it would try updating from, I would only get speeds of a few kBs, like 2-5kB, sometimes 10-13, and it would often go down to absolute zero and refuse to download at all. I can't download the daily ISO from my browser either, it gives me a few kilobytes only, so it's impossible to download anything. The rest of the web gives me full 150kBytes (1mbit) and works fine. I can browse the linuxdeepin forums just fine also, but this is just a problem when trying to download anything, either from browsser or software center from linux deepin. I thought this might just be a temporary problem so I waited a few days, but problem isn't going away. I can't use the OS if I can't download any needed apps. Please help.  :|
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2016-11-14 22:08
oh, Man.
Just change the default /etc/apt/sources.list configure file to have a try.

Greatly improved download
Thank you!!
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2012-07-17 09:52
oh, Man.
Just change the default /etc/apt/sources.list configure file to have a try.

#1, Use to replace in above file.

  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get upgrade
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#3, It may be help . I'm not sure.
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