Linux Deepin - Recovery mode
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2012-07-27 13:31

First thanks for that distro, look great (much better looking than other distro), I have one request for the recovery mode : when you launch your computer, it would be great if we could choose the actions (like cleaning, repair packages) just with the keyboard (like in Ubuntu/Mint for example).

The reason why is because I don't have those command lines memorized in my brain lol (and I don't like to use the Terminal anyway) I think it should be more user friendly for that.

Another idea would be to list the games by categories (it's boring to check page by page like that)

Just some guess..keep up the good work  

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2012-07-31 23:44
The Linux Deepin Team is currently considering adding more detailed catogories to the Software Centre and it is probable that the feature you requested be added to it. As for the feature you requested for the recovery mode, it will also goes through careful consideration by the Linux Deepin Team.
We are commited to working on a most user-friendly distro and your suggestions are very important to us. Thank you.

Alex Lee
Linux Deepin Team
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