Onboard doesn't appear on login screen
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2012-08-24 22:33
I use Deepin on a tablet PC and I would like to have onboard appears on lightdm.
When i select "virtual keyboard" on accessibility icon of loginscreen, onboard appears well, but on the next start up (or after log out) onboard doesn't appear anymore.
It's selected in the accessibility menu , I have to unselect it and select "virtual keyboard" again to see it appear.
Does anyone ever have this problem and found a solution?
Thanks in advance
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2012-08-29 01:07
The package called 'onboard' is not installed by default. Have you made sure that you have it on your system?
To install the package, you can type this in your terminal:
  1. sudo apt-get install onboard
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2012-08-29 22:59
Thank you for your answer.
Yes, I have nstalled onboard.It works good.
The problem is only on lightdm:
It doesn't appear , even if the 'virtual keyboard' is selected.I must unselect and select again 'virtual keyboard'.
It seems to be like if on board was launched but  not "on top" (masked by lightdm)
For exemple, after i logg whith the PC Keyboard , the place of onboard (half bottom of the screen) becomes white during the loading of the desktop ( it's the same when on board is visible ).
I hope it's clear for you.
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