Tencent QQ For Deepin
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2012-10-24 00:57
I use qq daily on windows and that's the only reason I am using windows and I am so tired. I am also a distro hopper but my journey ended on linux deepin. It's pretty stable, fast though the software center is sometimes pain in the backside... other than that I love this distro. Music Player, Media Player, Screenshot Tool are awesome!

Anyways, my issue is tencent qq?
I used to use it in Linux Deepin 11.12 under Pidgin with updated libqq but it lacked some features...
Now after doing a fresh install of Linux Deepin 12, the qq option from pidgin and empathy are gone?
Do you guys know any client? I use web.qq for now

I wish Linux Deepin makes a client of QQ... that has the exact same feature like Tencent QQ for Windows and I will surely remove windows off my hard drive. Who's with me?

Just my opinion, don't be sarcastic please... I am new to linux and not a developer... or I would have made it myself
Thanks you, China
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2012-10-24 01:45
The Tecent QQ is a proprietary software and is copyrighted. It has been a great pain for Linux users in China since the Tecent co. shows little interest in Linux. We want to use other instant messaging software but the great majority are using Tecent QQ. So maybe there is little we can do about it right now.
A recommendation would be  the wine version of TM, which is also a proprietary software from Tecent and is inter-communicable with Tecent QQ. It is much 'cleaner' since it does not integrate extra useless functions. To install, simply enter the following commands in your terminal:
  1. $ sudo apt-get install deepinwine-tm2009
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