About "Alpha",it's only I think.
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2013-01-31 23:52
Hi,DisappearingOak,jomak,lihongwu and sk811229 !! How're you doing?Are your all right?

Also I've been testing the new "Alpha" since yesterday.
As jomak said in "Some suggestions to deepin devs", the new panel has some problems.
Even though,when I 'm not maximize windows,the panel is also above windows including its icons,
And it seems doesn't replace any edge I want,and there's no auto-hide.Such a small problem will be solved either.

I frankly say that about the panel-customizing,menu-customizing and monitor-setting,"Xubuntu"is the best.
It's so easy and stable.But,it's not beautiful.The Deepin devs should learn a lot of things from "Xfice".

I'll show you my problems about "Alpha" in my 4th screen-shot.I'm so tired to translate using "Google Translate",I'm not good at English.

And for the Deepin devs,I'll show my 4screen-shots.
So, the 1st one is your excellent and beautiful one. the Deepin-music-player is so cool and the Deepin-scrot is the best app to take screen-shots.
The 2nd one is "Xubuntu" desktop.
The 3rd one is using"Bodhi".They have an excellent theme designer.
The last one is my problems using "Alpha".

I want you to feel "What is easy-to-use?","What is cool & beautiful?" and "What is stable?" once again.

I'm still a huge fan of the Deepin.I'm looking forward to using your awesome desktop.

Say aloha to you all!

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2013-02-01 16:10
I agree with you Nobuo that the lack of panel customization is a major problem. When I maximize a window, the bottom of the window sits on the top of the icons leaving a narrow space between the icons and the panel. This is a no-no.

I also noticed that the hot corner is missing. I don't know why did developers remove it. It was very convenient because it saved me a mouse click.

I agree that xfce is stable and customizable but very boring. I personally tried all major Linux disros and ended up using enlightenment. The new stable e17 is awesome. Fast, attractive and has all the bells and whistles I expect from a distro. And insanely fast too. It boots 7 seconds from my ssd hard drive. If anyone wants to use e17 desktop, I recommend arch. Always up to date and very stable. Today, a bug fix release came out, and a few hours after it was already available from arch repository.

I could never got used to Ubuntu. I don't know, I just can't get used to the side panel, and the feel of the distro is not for me; I don't like its crammed menu with all the recommended software, very chaotic. And I don't like its purple and orange combination either.

Deepin definitely is among the most attractive desktop environments available in any system; developers just have to fix some of the outstanding issues like the panel, which is a major problem.
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2013-02-01 21:08

I agree with you all about you say.As for the panel issues, hot corner,even for Ubuntu I feel the same.
I use e17 on Bddhi, it's not based on arch ( it's amazing 7 seconds? I also use ssd,but it's not fast like you,it needs more), because I like the design of its theme created by Mr. "Agust".I call him "The master of the theme".
Your post is very helpful,what you say is correct, common sense, and most users wants.

My problem about monitor, maybe due to my pc.

I want the Deepin developers to remind that Mr.Bruce Lee said in his film "Enter the Dragon".
He said "Don't think!...Feel!"

I think that this is an Alpha yet.I look forward to the future.

thank you & say aloha to you.

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2013-02-07 09:16
I'll wait until new,not alpha or beta.

But,still I'm a big fan of you.

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