12.12 Dock questions + Screenshot
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2013-02-06 09:40
Hi, I'm new to Linux Deepin, and recently got 12.12 alpha to play with.  So far so good, and I can't wait for beta and Final.
    Anyway, I managed to scale down the dock a little bit, for more real estate on screen, but still have problems with making maximized windows extend down to the icons on the dock. There is that little gap, and it annoys the hell out of me.  What can I do to fix it? Or, has anyone written the code for an auto-hide function yet? Even just a bit to resize the Icons down into the panel upon maximize would work, leaving a fully-functional dock/panel at all times.

   Other questions I have about 12.12:

  Is there a way to put sound controls on the dock?

  How can I display time in the dock, or does anyone have a conky script that can display time underneath the dock?

   I figured out the clear color code for the dock panel, but what is the logic behind the number sequence?

  How can I disable the screensaver, so that I can watch movies? Both Deepin media player and VLC get overridden by the screensaver.

  Here is a screenshot of my desktop with Chromium open to show the little space between parts:
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2013-02-17 21:29
Dock will be improved with better design in Linux Deepin 12.12 final version. Time, network, sound and other indicator will be intergrated in Dock in Deepin's final release. So just be patient.  
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