Proxy settings does not work
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2013-08-24 07:55
Hello there,
Today I've installed Deepin on my notebook, and faced problem with proxy within the system.
System settings has got a proxy configuration, so I put there my proxy server - but neither software center nor apt in console could access the Internet.
I've set *_proxy env variables and then package manager worked. However software center still does not make use of my proxy configuration. So I dived into the software center source code. It uses urllib2 and urllib - from the documentation I read that urllib2 should take the proxy env settings automaticaly but it does not in Deepin.
I guess the problem is that system settings does not set the proxy system wide.
I've managed to partially enable proxy in software center by modifing  source code.
Can someone confirm that system settings' proxy configuration does not work properly?

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2013-09-09 16:57
deepin-system-setting config proxy via gsetting, you can change it by edit dconf-editor though, which is located in system > proxy.
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2014-09-01 23:10
I have set system proxy via deepin software center. I have also set proxies to file like /etc/apt/apt.conf /etc/profile /etc/bash.bashrc /etc/environment ~/.bashrc ~/.profile. Also if I runu echo $http_proxy it showing proxy properly. still software center is not using proxy. It always saying download fail. Please suggest how should I configure software center to use my proxy.
I have also set proxy using dconf-editor still it is not working.
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2014-09-03 22:07
I have sent you a private message, please check.
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2014-09-04 05:54
sorry @maggieszd I could not sent you privet message as I am new user. I have replied to you in facebook

Thanks for quick reply

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2014-09-04 18:11
Ok, noted.
I will answer you in facebook.
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2016-02-19 06:20
Why did you continue this on Facebook instead of contributing with answers towards the solution here, so everyone could see it? I have the same problem as you but I simply haven't found a solution yet. Have you fixed it somehow?
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2016-02-23 15:59
I think the solution is to install another network-manager (gnome one, for instance, to get a graphical interface to manage network connections). In my case, I can see another wifi icon in very dark blue near the original icon of Deepin (the white one). I open it, choose the connection I am using, and, from there, I could change my DNS values. I think it's possible to change proxy values as well.
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