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2014-04-02 08:10
There is an article that covers getting plymouth back I will try to find it and post it here.
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2014-03-26 10:51
Just want to give a big "Hi!" to everyone.

I'm no stranger to Deepin and Linux, but came back because now that I have a better system I can now run it with confidence.

Linux Deepin is such a beautiful and polished Linux operating system. Very professional from the boot up and the way the desktop interacts with the user. Plus everything just works!

One thing that I miss is the Plymouth boot screen. After I installed the nvidia driver I lost it. Is there a way to get it back without reinstalling nouveau?

One other thing, on the "Additional Drivers" sys application, the driver options are not very clear in the read out. Please correct this as this was a little confusing.

Keep up the great work and looking forward to 2014 release!
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2014-03-26 17:13
thank you for your praise and sending confusions about linuxdeepin to this forum, i'm a fan and an ordinary user as you ,too.Perhaps i can reply you some questions .
first,deepin has made many creations past years,which boot screen is one of them .i can't ensure if your graphics card is dual graphics card,but i can ensure that the best way is using single card ,which you can forbidden the othe one from your pc's bios system .
enjoy it .
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2014-03-26 19:10
Thank you a287740928.  As far as I can tell my Dell Latitude E6410 laptop only has one video card which is a nvidia.  What was confusing me was that "Additional Drivers" correctly detected my nvidia card, but that it did not spell out the different drivers to choose from.  So I took a chance and chose the first option from the top. Afterwords, I rebooted and all went well.

By having "Additional drivers" clearly show which drivers to choose from, the user doesn't have to guess and possibley mess up their computer.
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