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2014-04-28 21:07

Real-Time Strategy Game, short for RTS, is one of the most popular games. It features the real-time rather than the multi-round ways. What’s more, players can act as the general who can deploy the armies freely. Want to conquer the world? Want to crackdown the enemy? Just join us!


The Necronator and his army of darkness have returned! Gather your army and prepare for battle, once again war is upon us!
This is the sequel of the hit RTS game, Necronator. Complete 6 different campaigns from 6 different races. Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands. Upgrade your army, learn new spells, unlock special heroes and much more in this epic fantasy strategy game by Toge Productions.

Creeper World Evermore3

A new Creeper World mission daily and for all time! Defend our galaxy against the Creeper cleansing nightmares of an insidious A.I.
Detailed game play stats and procedurally generated missions come your way in this latest installment of Creeper World.
Stay a while… stay Evermore!

obliterate every 2

This is the sequel of the tactical RTS in space. Build your space fortress and launch your fleet. Obliterate your enemies and conquer the galaxy!

After billions of years, the universe is getting overcrowded. Many races, including Terrans, have to leave their home galaxies to explore the space and compete for valuable resources. Growing conflicts eventually lead to the unavoidable outbreak of intergalactic war…
Hyperpath is a fast thinking strategy game, with amazing graphics in unique style. Take on the role of the commander and go to a battle with unknown races from distant corners of the universe. Develop skills of your fleet and lead your army to the victory.

Mud And Blood 2
Ready for some unfair brutality?
Experience World War 2 as a squad leader in an extensively random war game. This is your show. Complete freedom over how you will setup your defense position with more than 42 options ranging from different soldiers, weapons, buildings and airstrikes…now get out there and fight with all you got.

School Wars
It’s about 4 groups fighting for the exclusive territories. If you want to be the top one ,just work with fighting.

Star Dominion

A fully fledged RTS like Warcraft and Starcraft. There are two kinds of modes before the game kicks off. The first one is to defend and the other is to conquer the enemy. You must collect resources by mining to build towns, defenses, conduct research into new technology, and finally to train units to send off to war against the enemy.


Starship Commander is an extensive RTS strategy game in which your task is to conquer the galaxy. Do this by growing your planets, producing fleets, and destroying the enemy. Building planetary facilities, research technologies, and assemble fleets to protect, and attack. Now start your sweeping games.

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即时战略游戏是游戏类别中比较大的一类,简称RTS。游戏是即时进行的,而不是策略游戏多见的回合制。另外玩家在游戏中经常会扮演将军,进行调兵遣将这种宏观操作。 征战天下,征服世界,让敌人在你的铁蹄之下臣服吧!






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