Gnome-panel added to 2014
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2014-05-06 01:00
I've had a win. I managed to get gnome-panel to load in DI 2014. I had to add it to the start-up applications list to get it to work without starting it in terminal each time.

In the panel I have a sensible applications and places menu and I have added time, date and weather to the top panel.

Some other favourite indicators I have not been able to get working yet. It seems that some of the indicators are stolen by the Deepin dock so they don't appear on gnome panel where I would like to see them. For example Cryptkeeper is stuck on the dock "multi-indicator applet" (which is what I call it - the one with the bid "d" in it). I need a magnifying glass to see each items in the icon - it's IMO an annoying feature and needs a lot more work to make it as functional as the panel of 2013.

But I am trying to remain optimistic knowing there is still a long way to go before the final version is released.
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Feng Yu
2014-05-06 07:45
The autostart scripts are in ~/.config/autostart/*.desktop, check the .desktop file(s) if there's something wrong in your script, especially the line with "exec=".

Double click the .desktop file to check if it can works.

Maybe here( ... sktopFiles) you can find how to due with .desktop file.
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