Hello Deepin Team
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2014-05-15 09:18
I'm new to Deepin Distro.  I just wanted to say a few things to the development team.   

I tried the Alpha of Deepin 2014 and was very impressed with it.  There are still some issues, of course since it is early development, but it was very user friendly.  The installation was very nice!  The graphics and user interface design looked so good.  You really have talented artists/UX people on your team.  I look forward to the actual release later this summer, and plan on using it.

I've also tried Deepin 2013 and although I don't like it as much as 2014, I might use it until 2014 is released.  I enjoy the interface of 2014 a bit more, especially the new settings application on the right side of the screen.

Best wishes to Deepin Team,
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2014-05-15 23:17
We plan to release Deepin2014 release version in June 15
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