deepin alpha desktop environtment
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2014-05-15 15:34
firstly great job for deepin developer, i like it,  seem like profesional os, i appreciate it most,,

but, i have some problem when testing alpha release,,

[color=#0000FF:3ptgjd64]it is to heavy[/color:3ptgjd64] to run deepin 'desktop environtment' in me and my friend laptop, (me : processor celeron, ram = 2g, friend : processor dualcore, ram = 3g), and when i active more than 1 application, like browser and terminal,, its freeze,, cpu use almost 100%,,

(i now use linux mint with cinnamon in my computer, and i want to change it to deepin, i like the style,,)

---[color=#008040:3ptgjd64]could you make desktop environtment dde more lightweight one? for old computer[/color:3ptgjd64],,,
i think the compiz make it heavy,maybe..    

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2014-05-15 16:57
We will write new window manager to instead compiz in next version, thanks for your suggestion! ;)
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