Requires Dock menu for settings and personalization settings
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2014-05-15 19:28
Requires Dock menu for settings and personalization settings more in the latest Deepin If the final release later.

Maybe it's not only I who need this feature, I'm sure some other friends as well. This feature is helpful if we have such minimal screen size on netbooks 10 ", so even though we know we can still change the size of the dock by tweaking the script. However it is difficult for new users.

I've sent a ticket to this

And personalized settings are still stiff, not usually add icons, themes, cursor from third parties such as other distributions. it limits us who want to look more attractive without having to switch from DDE.

I've sent a ticket to this

Maybe a little reference can see the settings menu untu Phanteon DE in elementary OS tweaks. not mean to suggest mimic other distributions, if I advocate like that, I'd better not use Deepin this 2014 version, I use the Elementary OS, but I do not want to like it, I like Deepin this 2014 version, especially with the DDE 2.0. why? because he was not a traditional Taskbar like in elementaryOS. it really makes me look wider monitors, especially me as a designer who needs a wider viewing area than usual.

I have used other Linux distributions that use HTML as the basis for his DE. I know it is mostly HTML-based DE is very difficult to change the icons, themes, and so on. most of them do look very stiff. and if you want to change is very difficult what else they make these distributions destination for new linux users.

I hope this makes a DDE 2.0 latest breakthrough by creating a menu settings more easily.

Sorry for my English is not good.


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2014-05-15 23:19
Thank you for your report, we will refer to it
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