Problem with Slow Deepin Repos
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2014-07-12 06:14
Hi All

Well first, i am Colombian and use Deepin Project, but I've some problems, when try to upgrade package from Terminal (apt-get upgrade) or Deeping Software, download package at 4.680 B/s and i have a bandwidth of 10MB of connection, any suggestion?.

PD: Sorry for my poor English write abilities ejjejee     
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2014-07-12 10:43
The main repo appears to be very slow. I had to switch to the next repo on on the list to get a reasonable speed.  

Try that and see what happens. The list I'm referring to is the Canadian one.
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2014-07-14 21:33
Deepin Project possesses more than 70 mirror sources in the world. The function of Deepin Software Center detecting the best source has returned. Physical location judgement is added in this function. This function can help you quickly choose the best software source for your quickly updating system and installing software.
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