Dock not showing on install disc for Deepin 2014
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2014-07-17 09:55
Is this disc meant for "Live" use? Or possibly the Dock only shows on screen when the OS is actually installed and running?

I can press the flag key and see a list of apps, and also get the menu on the right side of the screen to show by moving the mouse in that direction, but see no dock.

I would just like to play with this disc a bit before I run an install. Any help to see the whole package would be much appreciated.

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2014-07-17 19:37
This maybe a bug under Live model and will be disappeared after installed. If it still exist, please reply to us.
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2014-07-19 06:07
Maggieszd - I installed the OS yesterday and had the same "issue". However, I believe I found the cause.

I have dual monitors, and the OS setup the one on my laptop as the primary. No problem there. However, the screen size that it setup was incorrect, so the dock was down below where I could visibly see. I changed both screens to 800x600, then could see the dock. So after playing with that for a while, I have a setup where I can see what I need to.

I will put the disc back in and boot as though I am going to install the OS to test and see if I can mess with the display setup to see the dock correctly. I assume that will work just fine, but at least it will give you an answer if someone else brings this up in the future.

With dual monitors, when I setup the corners to where I can bring up the control center, or the launch, or other choices... Are those corners to hover the mouse in specific to both monitors, or is it for the over all display? In other words, will the setup respond to the mouse hover on both monitors, or will it respond to two corners on the left side monitor, and two corners on the right side monitor?

Also, can I define a "custom" display size as opposed to selecting one from the control center? I ask this because when hovering my mouse in the upper left corner, I get no launch to screen. If I hover in the lower left, I  can get the launch screen to respond. This makes me wonder if it is a similar issue where I cannot get my mouse in the proper position because I have the incorrect display selected.

Thank you!  :mrgreen:
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2014-07-21 21:53
Thanks for your report, I have recorded your problem and will inform our developer to handle.
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