GPU and Wireless + Dual boot
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2014-07-20 19:08
Hello I used wireless driver installer and installed vista drivers for my Broadcom 43236(linksys AE2500) and it says hardware is present but I can't get it to work. New to linux and that's my only source of internet....(xp/win7 drivers wouldn't install)

Also I have a Radeon HD6450 and I can't seem to find a driver for it. HTPC setup and need HDMI audio and Video
64bit install

Also I have this dual booted with win 7 how do I boot back to windows 7 and back it didn't add a selection screen at boot
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2014-07-21 21:58
Q1: vista drivers is under windows, so it may not be suitable for Linux.
Q2: Please enter Control Centre to set the boot module
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2014-07-28 15:23
I installed Vista drivers because windows 7 and Xp drivers wouldnt install. I used Wireless Driver Installer program with ndisstrapper as it said it needed that, It sees my device and yet nothing....Linux is looking like a huge bust if it cant use a usb wireless adapter
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2014-07-28 19:13
Does your network card work normally? You do not need to install any drive, because drive was built-in Linux.
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2023-03-25 06:43
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