New user having trouble with Nvidia and Java update/install
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2014-07-24 20:43
Hello guys,

I honestly don't know where to put this thread. First let me start off, I completely new to Linux - I do have some varied computer skills.

Currently, I'm struggling to update Nvidia's driver as well as installing java so chrome can use it. Can anyone please create a small tutorial guide explaining how to do both on this linux distro? I would be really grateful for it.
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2014-07-24 21:39
hi, Adjan

1. About Nvidia  , please do not install the driver until admin's response .  

2. Can you find Deepin Store in the system ? All soft can be installed in the store easily .

3. Chrome - search  " Chrome" in Deepin Store ,and the select "Google-Chrome-Stable"

4. Java  -  search   "Openjdk-6-jre"  in Deepin Store
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2014-07-25 04:49

Thank you for the reply. This weekend I'm going to wipe windows, and install deepin as my main OS. I think I figured out how to go about installation of files now.

I'm just wondering, what is the best way to install nvidia drivers? Since the website gave a .run file, I used terminal to run that. But some error dealing with server X came up, and my laptop just crashed.

With the Java - I know how to install it, but chrome is still asking for me to install it. In other words, chrome has no idea that java is on the system installed already. What must I do?
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2014-07-25 07:18
Hello Adjan and welcome to deepinlinux 2014.  This is a wonderful os and with some minor bugs aside I'm sure that you will enjoy this distro for some time to come.

Like hehethegreat said,  do "NOT" install the nvidia drivers, as this will cause the deepin system dock ( the window that slides out from the left side ) to not work, along with the hotspot corners. Wait until this is fixed and the deepin dev team says its ok.  You can check their blog site for this.

As for the java and google chrome.  I'm having the same problem too.  This isn't a big deal like the nvidia driver is but would be nice to be able to use java with chrome. Please?....

Anyway, deepin is also experiencing problems with their update servers too.  Hopefully this too will be fixed soon along with some of these issues.
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2014-07-25 18:15
  1. sudo apt-get install openjdk-
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Hello Everyone, I just see you all talk about how to install Java, please execute the above command in terminal and then double click TAB to complete the command.
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