Freezes on start-up
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2014-09-05 08:48

I'm having a couple of issues running Deepin. Starting from a clean install of 2014.1 (or 2014.0, I tried both), from either a USB or DVD (again, I tried both), my screen freezes on the hot corners tutorial. It generally runs very poorly up until this point anyway, which is strange as I have a fairly powerful setup which runs Windows 8.1, Mint 17 and Ubuntu with zero issues.

When this freeze occurs, it's usually after I have tried to access one of the hot corners. Sometimes I can get the control panel open from the bottom right, but it often runs incredibly slowly, taking about 5minutes to fully open, and within two menu clicks my PC has completely locked up. When this happens, I have no option but to reboot via terminal.

Even though the Control Panel is unresponsive, I can still move the mouse with no issues, and about 70% of the time I am able to right click on the desktop to open the Terminal to shutdown. There is no lag from the menu or my mouse when this happens. Ctrl-Alt-Del does nothing. If I can't open the Terminal, I need to shutdown by holding down my PC's power switch, which is obviously not something I enjoy doing!

If I restart again after the tutorial, then I boot to a desktop without the dock (in fact, I have not yet seen the dock at all!). All I can do is try to open Control Panel, and from there the menu quickly locks and becomes unresponsive. Then I need to restart again.

I have read on here there may be an issue with NVIDIA cards - I currently have a GTX670, so could this be part of the problem? Other possibly relevant specs are that I have an i5 3570k CPU and 8GB RAM.

I should point out I'm fairly new to Linux too . Thanks!
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2014-09-06 01:10
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2014-09-07 02:37
In case it is of use to anyone - I have successfully installed Deepin 32-Bit on an old netbook, with an N270 Atom processor, 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD. It obviously runs a bit slowly, but it does work and doesn't lock-up like my desktop.

This makes me think that there must be a hardware compatibility issue somewhere, rather than an error with the install media. What was also strange was that whilst I was installing Deepin on my netbook, I noticed the Dock was present. As I said in my previous post, I have not yet seen the Dock in any of my installs on my desktop!
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2014-09-07 06:01
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2014-09-07 13:38
Hi Bl4ckwings,

Unfortunately this doesn't really address my problem. As I metioned above, although aspects of my GUI freeze after start-up, my mouse remins fluid throughout. I am still able to reboot around 70% of the time by right-clicking on the desktop and, wthout lag, opening the Terminal. This post references constant lag experiences.

Furthermore, this post does not actually offer a solution. Unless you have personally heard anything back?

[-sent from my netbook on Deepin 32Bit!]

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2014-09-08 05:01
well I may be new here but Linux not so much you see some distro don't work as well. as others so some pc so for intent gdm3.12 is not supported on AMD hardware (So if you going distro hoping STOP going Ubuntu base try arch base/ red hat base/fedora and so on. You get an education out a of it and trust me there are better distro then Ubuntu it you lot to scared to go outside of the box. ?) all I can say is fix it yourself/submit a bug report or keep what you got.
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2014-09-10 19:03
Sorry, I personally think that the problems are caused by poor driver. Now I don't have any good advice, I'm very sorry.
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