Not Enough Memory To Boot From Disk
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2014-09-07 07:24
The machine that I am running has 3.25 GB of ram and a 2.83GHz Core 2 quad Intel processor. I downloaded the iso from sourcefordge and used windows 8.1 to burn the disk... And used the verify burn after it was finished.

On the machine I want to run it on I start it up and hit F12 for the boot menu and select optical drive. A message comes up saying
Iso Linux 4.02 debian-20101016 etcd
and then returns
Not enough memory to load specified image.

After a while of getting that message over and over it will rapidly display
could not find kernel image/casper/vmlinuz
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2014-09-07 13:43
Hey gamefb,

I'm just another Deepin user like yourself, so I can't offer anythig in way of a solution - however, I am curious about two aspects of your post. Firstly, 3.25GB is a strange amount of RAM to you in fact have 4GB? Secondly, did you use the 32Bit or 64Bit .iso?

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2014-09-07 14:30
3.25 is what windows xp (yeah, that is why I am trying to get deep in working) is telling me under my system details. However my BIOS is showing somewhere around 4.095GB. And I have the 32 bit version.
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2014-09-07 23:07
Hi gamefb,

I can't offer a suggestion for your error message problem, but I would suggest an interim fix. You really do need to get rid of XP and with the specs you cite, I'd suggest you download and burn the ISO for Mint 13 Maya (either Cinnamon or MATE). It should install and run easily on your machine (I'm running it on an older computer than yours with less of everything).

If you have the disk space to run a dual boot system, start by dual booting Mint with XP. Once you've got Mint working smoothly, wipe out XP and try installing Deepin. That way you'll have a good, solid workable OS (Mint 13 is a long-term support release and will continue to be supported until April of 2017) to use while trying to get Deepin working, which, in the end, may not pan out.

I tried installing Ubuntu 14.04 as well as several of its forks on my older computer (I'm running Deepin 2014.1 and Mint 17 on my newer computer) and none of them worked, even though the computer specs were significantly greater than Ubuntu 14.04 needed. I tried for quite a while to get one of those distros to work and never succeeded. I went ahead and installed Mint 13 and it works exceptionally well. I'm also running Elementary OS Luna on that computer and it does not run as well as Mint 13. Elementary OS is kind of like a cross between the XP/7/Mint desktop and Deepin's.

Deepin 2014.1 is a great looking distro, but if you can't get it to work, then Mint 13 should do everything you need it to do. If you are committed to trying to get a 14.04-type distro to work, then I'd suggest trying Mint 17 -- it has fewer problems than Deepin currently has, and although I think Deepin's desktop approach is better, it still has a way to go before they've got everything working smoothly. I'm not trying to dissuade you from trying to get Deepin to work, but rather to offer a way to get rid of XP now, get an easy to install Linux distro working, and give you plenty of time to tinker with Deepin.
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2014-09-09 13:50
Yeah, I just tried mint 17 cinnamon and it would give me a boot menu but then restart the machine indefinitely.
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2014-09-10 18:53
Please check your md5 value of the ISO and tell us your making method in details.
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