Network and USB Problem
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2014-09-30 11:08
I have a Problem with my Network. I don´t get a connection. All other distros i try never have this problem and i dont know why it is in Deepin.
The second Problem is my mouse and keyboard. They don´t get on when i plug in USB 2.0 only on USB 3.0. But on USB 3.0 the mouse function is very bad. They stuck often and dont run smooth.
I hope u can help me with this problems.

PC specs:
AMD Bulldozer 8120
Asus Sabertooth 990fx
Razer Lycosa keyboard
Razer Taipan mouse

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2014-09-30 21:19
What's your network environment? and what's the model of your USB?
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2015-02-26 08:07

Im a LD user 8-)  8-)  from a little, im try to setup Network for conect to my LAN PC's and don't see a Graphical interface to do it. :geek: has a general setup for LAN options and its enough for web navigation and funtions but it  doesn't for LAN navigation or access to shared folders. :|

see over the Internet that LD is based over ubuntu and ubuntu over debian, see some tutorial for ubuntu 14 for config network setings, from terminal. but it don't work on LD (in samba, i config the workgroup to "myworkgroup" and others settings but on the explorer I do click on a "Browse Network" link but have a message window that speak:" No se pudo mostrar este lugar." no se pudo mostrar todo el contenido de <>: La ubicación especificada no esta soportada.

I think that in place of <> there be a <>.
I check on smb.conf but there is ok, there yes is mynetwork on the "line workgroup".
now I like to see if there are some way to setting my network to share and see other shared folders on other  machines of my LAN  :?:

or in the explorer to:  How do i put the addres folders or PC's??? on the "Ctrl+L" option???
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2015-02-26 08:17
Hello again

I ve a Samsung SCX-3200 multifintion printer&scanner
wen I try to scan something it send me a pair of messages:

1. Failed to Scan ... No scanners available. please connect a scanner.

2.Failed to Scan.... Unable to star scan   giveme a option to change scanner and there appear my scanner and some options.
but try with some changes on its and dont work too.  :cry:

im donload sane and xsane after and don't work too.

what other option can do i ???

so many thanks
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2015-03-20 06:58
Hello,Disconnect the network and connect again!
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