deepin 2014.2 RC Released——Fast·Stable·Easy to Use
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2014-12-20 07:01
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Friendly Reminder

1.deepin 2014.2 RC is strongly recommended to be installed directly on the real machine, so as the gorgeous effect of which could be truly experienced, because Compiz is used as the window manager in deepin 2014.2 RC and its performance is less poor in a virtual machine.

To solve this problem, we will use Gala as the Window Manager in future deepin 2015.

2.Errors occurred when Linux kernel identified parts of the graphics information, so the following problems will exist in some computers:

The problem that nothing can be done when entered the system at the first time after installed deepin system can be solved by restart.
All monitors will be closed after set the display mode to be ”only displayed on ×××” in Control Center, which will be solved by using Super (Window logo) + P to switch to other display modes.
If you have the above problems, please execute the following command in terminal:

xrandr --verbose

Then send the terminal output information to us, we will solve this problem as soon as possible, thank you!


zh11deepin is a distribution that aims to provide a beautiful, easy to use, safe and stable operating system for global users.

Based on HTML 5 technologies, deepin team has developed deepin Desktop Environment. It gathers a series of deepin applications, such as Deepin Music Player, Deepin Movie and so on, which are able to meet the daily entertainment and office need of users.

In recent years, deepin developed rapidly and got support of users from more than 40 countries and regions. Total downloads reached tens of millions of times and it becomes a Chinese Linux distribution ranking first among all on DistroWatch.

Internationalization Support

deepin system has complete internationalization support. deepin 2014.2 RC supports 20 most popular languages of the world, so you can use deepin system without language barriers!

Moreover, deepin system has more than 60 mirror stations of 26 countries around the world, no matter where you are, you can quickly get deepin software services.

Deepin Desktop Environment

Pursuit of the ultimate user experience is our philosophy, so we constantly improve system and bring you the following improvements:

New Functions

Three modes of Dock have been added; drag and drop sorting of dock icons has been supported.
The setting function of “Icon”, “Cursor” and “Fonts” has been added in the personalization module of Control Center.
The tagging function of launcher has been added to help you quickly find the newly installed applications.
The function of system automatically detecting the best mirror has been added with more efficient installation of software and updates of system.

Experience Innovation

The new deepin icon themes will be used by default, and the system interface is more beautiful.
The settings of notification area tray have been adjusted, and it’s more intuitive to switch tray notification area.
Three display modes of launcher have been added (by name, by installation time and by frequency ) to meet your more demand.
The user guide has been simplified to only six steps, so that you can master deepin operating system.
New display module design of Control Center, it’s easier for multi-screen display settings.
The selection of time zone in Control Center has been simplified, and the daylight saving time function has been newly added.
System in Chinese uses Siyuan bold by default with more clearer font display.
Bluetooth function has been strengthened, solving the problem of Bluetooth failure in power saving mode.
Live CD mode has been simplified to improve the speed of installation and resolve installation failures due to poor support of the graphics driver.
No message will be missed with system notification bubble dynamic display.

System Applications

deepin application repository continued to expand with more high-quality third-party applications. Meanwhile, default applications in deepin 2014.2 RC are also upgraded to the latest version:

CrossOver Deepin Version has been preloaded. CrossOver is free for deepin users to run Windows applications.
QQ6.4 has been installed by default to satisfy the chatting needs of Chinese people.
Deepin System Installer (Wubi) comes back again, full supporting Win8/XP/Win7 system and facilitating Windows users to experience Deepin System.
Deepin Boot Maker has been upgraded to 1.0, perfectly resolving the boot problems of Bios and UEFI, and improving the successful installation rate of deepin.
WPS, Sogou Input Method and Google browser have been upgraded to the latest version with faster and more stable running.
Acquisition and Experience


deepin 2014.2 RC provides 32-bit and 64-bit (recommended) download, you can choose to download any of the following channels:

1. Official Download:

32-bit: ... c_i386.iso

64-bit: ... _amd64.iso

2. Sourceforge:

3.Friendly Mirror Station:

4. Baidu Cloud Storage:


The installation of deepin 2014.2 RC is quick and easy without cumbersome partition and boot settings, you can freely choose the favorite installation ways:

Deepin Boot Maker is recommended to install Deepin System (the best performance)
Deepin System Installer (Wubi) also can be used to install Deepin System (easiest)
If you encounter problems when installing deepin, you can get full technical support in Deepin Official Forum and Wiki!

Community Participation

Community Team is a force to be reckoned with in the development of Deepin System. Deepin System has a comprehensive internationalization, mirror and community technical document support due to the hard work of community members, which greatly promoted the development of Deepin System.

Here we solemnly thank the Internal Testing Group, Community Management Group and Community Internationalization Group in Deepin Community as well as the groups and individuals provided mirror support!

We also welcome more people to join Deepin Community Team and continue to make efforts to build the best open source system.

Open Source Declaration

deepin system is an open-source system for common users, welcome to download, distribute and use freely.

deepin system conforms to Open Source License, you can freely obtain deepin system source code:


Welcome to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to obtain the latest news of deepin immediately. You can also visit deepin official forum to exchange feelings and experiences with the community users. If you need commercial support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally, enjoy!

——deepin Team

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2014-12-20 16:26
thank you
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2014-12-20 17:49
deepin 2014.2 RC
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2014-12-20 20:12
The ISO file on sourceforge is incomplete (59m only), please fix it. Thank you
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2014-12-21 06:48
The ISO file on sourceforge is incomplete (59m only), please fix it. Thank you
Please try again, has fixed it.
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2014-12-21 19:25
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2014-12-23 14:26
Nice! RC, so the new stable version is coming!
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2014-12-23 20:07
what's the way to upgrading the system  from 2014.1 to 2014.2RC?Thanks for answering。
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2014-12-28 00:48
How I wish there is a link to a wibsite for all kinds of wallpaper .
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2014-12-30 01:17
what's the way to upgrading the system  from 2014.1 to 2014.2RC?Thanks for answering。

It seems that the way to upgrade to 2014.2 from 2014.1 will not come out until the formal version come.
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