Recommended and Updated Software in Deepin Store (No.1)
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2014-12-31 23:51
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There are updated software in Deepin Store again, which may be a long-awaited news for you!

We know that you have more and more requirements to the software. You need the software to be practical and easy-to-operate, to have multiple functions and so on and so forth. Don’t worry. This time the update isn’t on small scale. The following are the practical software we painstakingly searched and collected for you recently. There must be software you like!

Games for Entertainment  

Deepin Game

Deepin Game is a game sharing platform tailored for you. A large number of common games are contained on this platform. It supports browsing by multiple classifications and ranked recommendations, having game collection, sharing, scoring and other functions. All games can be played smoothly without needing to be installed. All updates within the platform are done automatically.

Wakfu is a unique sand-table and war-chess MMORPG. This game perfectly combines French romanticism and Japanese anime style with exciting storyline and extremely tactical competitive strategies, which lets you truly feel the ultimate charm of games.

Warsow is a free, fast and interesting online shooting game. This game includes role conversion, weapon extension and future scenes, which brings you the pleasure of a destroyer. You can customize the characters’ roles, dress and features and support individual or team combat.

Hedgewars is a cross-platform network game which makes hedgehog the protagonist. You can customize the characters and style of this game. The role setting of high intelligence, the more realistic animation effects and the richer game mode bring you the same gaming experience as that when playing Worms.

The Battle For Wesnoth
The Battle For Wesnoth is a turn-based strategic role-playing game which supports network online. This game emphasizes strategies. The rich strategies evolves from simple game rules. It’s highly challenging and interesting.

0.A.D is an actual war game with the Age of Empires as its background. The fresh and elegant realistic pictures of Medieval Period, the unique competitive environment and the real and intense battle scenes which make you feel that you were on site in person lead you to enjoy the humanistic style of Medieval Period and experience how the emperors leaded the rise of empires in Medieval Period.

Graphics and Images

Lovewallpaper is an application focusing on the use of wallpapers. It offers massive high-definition free wallpapers. It is designed to become the most professional application of wallpapers and meet your needs to wallpapers. This application continuously updates wallpapers every day. It supports functions such as browsing in multiple classifying ways, random recommendation, custom wallpaper switching.

XnView is a small practical picture browser, supporting pictures and animation files in multiple formats. It has functions such as picture viewer, slide show, screenshot and format conversion in batches. It supports multiple languages.

Phototonic is a light and handy and fast image viewer supporting files of multiple formats, including GIF images. You can view multiple images simultaneously and use the keyboard and mouse to move and convert image files.

Video Player

VLC is a simple, fast and powerful cross-platform multimedia player that supports a variety of audio and video decoding and file formats. You can use it to play a variety of media, including files, CDs, cameras and streaming media. It supports instant audio and video formats transcoding. It also supports custom skin and playback position record.

Network Application

Maxthon Browser is a multifunctional and personalized web browser. It integrates Maxthon account, quick access, super drag and drop, automatic update and other useful functions and supports a variety of management plugins.

Office Software

Seafile is an open-source, professional and reliable cloud storage platform. It has solved problems such as files’ being stored collectively and being shared and cross-platform access. In addition to cloud storage and sharing functions typically provided by common network disks, Seafile also provides auxiliary functions such as message communication and group discussion to help you better start teamwork around files.

kuaipan4uk is a simple, useful and free network hard disk. It’s a network cloud storage platform which provides you with file synchronization, backup, sharing and other services. You can store files to a specified folder anytime and anywhere and upload and download, manage and share files through the multiple terminals of the cloud server. It supports files being dragged and dropped and uploaded in batches.

Mendeley is not only a free and easy-to-use document management tool, but also an online academically social network platform. With it, you can collect and store the document information on the web pages in your personal folder easily and quickly. The tool supports file editing and management and file backup and synchronization. It offers 2GB to store the documents and 100MB of shared space.

System Management

360 Safeguard
360 Safeguard is a tool for system security testing, optimization and cleanup, supporting upgrading with a click. It supports three kinds of intelligent scanning, having functions such as cleanup with a click, optimization and acceleration, software manager, files shredding and providing an all-round guarantee of computer security.

Genymotion is a fast and easy-to-use Android emulator. The running speed of emulation is fast and the picture is smooth. You can start multiple emulators at the same time. It supports Open GL 3D acceleration, full screen and other functions. It’s easy to be downloaded and installed.

Synapse is a quick starting tool that can help you find and start the applications your need more easily and quickly and find and access the files you need quickly.

I-Nex is a tool used to view the information of computer’s software and hardware. It’s used to collect the available information such as that on hardware and software versions on the system. With this piece of software, you can obtain the details of equipment configuration of your own computer easily.

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