deepin 15 RC——Make You Only Have Eyes for Us by The Sincerity
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2015-12-23 10:28

deepin is a Linux distribution committed to providing an elegant, user-friendly, safe and stable operating system for users all over the world.

With one year’s improvement, deepin 15 RC finally comes to you. deepin 15 RC comes, can deepin 15 be far behind?

At the moment of releasing deepin 15 RC, we want to talk with you that how do we make deepin like this.

Design and Transmission

Our basic principles to design deepin: Simple, beautiful and content first. Hope everyone will feel amazing, smooth, fresh and distinctive when using deepin.

The core for icon design is to allow you to quickly identify and memory. So we disassembled the design into three parts: Shape, color and symbol.

Taking Deepin music icon for example, we visualize music by the orbital vinyl record, express the good mood to listen to music by green, and show the abstract music by staff notation.

Newly added system sound effect, and we pour musical elements into common operations. The combination of action and music enriches each operation with a bit more fun.

Taking the sound effect of Deepin Screenshot for example, it catches the joy to capture a picture every time, just like taking a picture of beautiful scenery by camera.

Adjustment and Improvement

In order to realize the lightweight of system, we use Qt to refactor desktop environment, so as to replace HTML 5 + WebKit framework. Meanwhile, this edition is based on Debian sid to build with more stable operation.

The detailed changes are as follows:

  • Desktop environment front end uses Qt to refactor, back end still uses Go to write and communicates through d-busUse the latest kernel of Linux 4.2.0 stable version
  • Add more drivers of bluetooth, network card and sound card
  • The system base is changed to Debian sid from Ubuntu.
  • Initializer (int) is changed to systemd from Upstart.
  • The default shell is restored to bash from Zsh.
  • Basic packages upgrade: GTK+3.18.6-1, Qt 5.5.1, gcc 5.3.1

Acquisition and Experience

You can experience the charm of deepin with the time for just a cup of coffee!

Please download deepin mirror and watch video tutorial. With Deepin Boot Maker, you can easily install the system in your computer.

Official Downloads:

64bit: click to download (MD5 hash: ccb5b7e571332fbc6836feeb4eaa030e )
32bit: click to download (MD5 hash: 9885715cf93ed5331e6094a493f98619)
Other downloads (Synchronizing):

Sourceforge, MEGA, Baidu Yun, Community ISO Repository


  • The RC edition has many known problems and imperfect functions. It is not recommended to use it as main system in work environment and daily use.
  • Currently, you can acquire this edition by upgrading from deepin 15 Alpha 2 and deepin 15 Beta.
  • Please fill the “deepin 15 RC Testing Questionnaire” to improve our system.

Freedom and Sharing

deepin is an open source desktop system developed for common users. You are free to download, distribute, modify and use it.

Welcome to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to acquire latest update in the first time. Also welcome to join to communicate and share your joy with us.

At last, we solemnly thank those community teams and companies who have provided,documentation, translation and mirroring support. You have made open source better with the selfless contribution!

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2015-12-23 11:34
Beautiful and daring. However, the screenshots on this post took minutes to load on my older 2X CPU w/4GB, and sid is a rolling distro on the bleeding edge - there will always be challenges. Any further ambition will put deepin past the point of diminishing returns. I believe you have arrived at your effective maximum. Congratulations!
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2015-12-23 12:25
Any new features for this release except bugs fixed?
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2015-12-23 13:10
ubuntu lts on hard drive and kali sana one usb, got a spare usb for 15.1...
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2015-12-23 19:16
cant wait for release date
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2015-12-24 18:14
cant wait for release date

We've been waiting ALL year! And its nearly 2016 =)
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2015-12-26 01:44
Edited by makkon at 2015-12-26 10:05

1. In Deepin-control-center > netwaer > wired >auto or static ip address is not entered correctly: ip adderess, dns, router. Requires only 3-digit numbers. Enter 82 but turns 820 , but turns 800.800.800.800 , but a mask is entered correctly.
2. Very long switching of keyboard layout Russian legasy.
3. Add new Russian layout.

P.S. I can't add a new topic, so I write here, sorry.
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2015-12-26 02:17
1. Where to find new themes and icons for  Linux Deepin 2015?
2. How to add old themes and icons from Deepin 2014 to Deepin 2015?
3. How adjust any other color panel window title, background windows, background of deepin-control-center?
  Any new features for this release are has and beautiful appearance!
  Thank you for participating.
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2015-12-26 08:19
1. Where to find new themes and icons for  Linux Deepin 2015?
2. How to add old themes and icons fro ...

cp /usr/share/theme
i am not sure if the locations are correct, around there. cd /usr/share and check.
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2015-12-26 09:04
Questionnaire done!
Remember to implement:
# sudo apt-get install firmware-linux-free
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2015-12-27 15:00

Thanks for the hard work !

If i may, i have just a few suggestions :

- Add the option "show always on top" for the windows mangement, it's really usefull
- Add the option to disable desktop icons
- Add more options to the dock such as applets or adjust the size, transperence and even the place on the screen (on top for exemple)

Thank you !
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2015-12-27 23:57
Edited by makkon at 2015-12-28 15:04

1. In Deepin-control-center >network  > wired >auto or static ip address is not entered correctly: ip adderess, dns, router.
    Requires only 3-digit numbers. Enter 82 but turns 820, enter but turns 800.800.800.800   What is bug?
2. Manual configuration settings.  I set in the configuration file static IP address :

auto enp3s0
iface enp3s0 inet static
address 82.***.***.**7
gateway 82.***.***.**1

I set in the file settings and wired connection was OK!
Thank you very much
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2015-12-28 11:23
Edited by makkon at 2015-12-28 14:50

Deepin Members: 33,519  !!!
New post  Today: 3  Yesterday: 5
Good people where are you all?
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2015-12-28 16:49
Edited by joekoo at 2015-12-29 00:54

If I install this RC version will I be able to update to the stable version when it's released, or will I have to do a fresh install?

P.S. Mega folder (mirror) only has md5 checksums fiile and not the actual isos.
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2015-12-28 20:41
If I install this RC version will I be able to update to the stable version when it's released, or w ...

Yes, the best download speed
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2015-12-29 00:53
Excelente noticia, debería llamarse Deepin 16 !

Espero poder usar mi samsung Galaxy S3 en esta nueva version, no es que no vea los archivos, pero no puedo abrirlos directamente.

Felicidades por su Trabajo!
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2022-10-22 09:49
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