Description And Explanation Of How The Mirrors Work
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2016-01-27 01:22
Hi all:
Since the release of deepin 15, we have made massive changes in mirrors, and resulted in confusion and misunderstanding to most friends.
This is a post to answer the questions!

Currently, here's what we have changed in mirrors:
  • Moved mirror switching function to Control Center
  • Added Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration)
  • System default mirror is changed from Official Mirror to Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration).

PS: Though Official Mirror and Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration) are of the same data, they are two different mirrors.

How to Change Mirror
First, if you haven't finish reading this post, then:
Do not manually modify /etc/apt/sources.list
Do not manually modify /etc/apt/sources.list
Do not manually modify /etc/apt/sources.list

Here's the right way to switch mirror: Control Center——System Information——Update——Settings (small gear)——Switch.
A GIF tells it better (click to view large image) :

How System Update Works
Situation I:
If you haven't changed mirrors, then System Update (APT) will connect to Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration) to upgrade.

Situation II:
If you have changed mirror to Mirror A, then System Update will initiate connection requests to Mirror A and Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration):
  • If Mirror A responded within 2 seconds and has identical data with Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration), then System Update (APT) will download and upgrade from Mirror A.
  • If Mirror A responded within 2 seconds but has different data (i.e., not up to date) with Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration), then System Update (APT) will download and upgrade from Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration).
  • If Mirror A did not respond within 2 seconds, then System Update (APT) will download and upgrade from Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration).

Answering Questions
1.Why it shows it is connected to the Official Mirror after I changed mirror source when using APT command in terminal?
/etc/apt/sources.list will not be changed if you switch mirror in Control Center, because mirror switched is saved elsewhere.
APT is relevant to /etc/apt/sources.list, so the terminal output will always be the connection information for Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration) (Refer to "How System Update Works") . For details: More Information
PS: It is normal for system to intellectually select mirror, no need to worry.

2. Can I change mirror by modifying /etc/apt/sources.list?
Yes you can, but the cost is for you to lose intellectual mirror switching function. And when the mirror site you chose goes wrong, you will not be able to upgrade through Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration). Please consider carefully!

3. In which areas does the Official Mirror (CDN Acceleration) work better?
Currently, we have CDN nodes in China and USA, so the acceleration is not that obvious in other areas.

Functions Planning to Add
Speed test in the first update: automatically test speed and recommend mirror, and mark the connection speed of mirror with color.
PS: it is not technically evaluated yet, the final effect and method could be changed.

More Information
If you have basic knowledge on mirrors and would like to learn more, please visit:
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2016-03-13 05:44
Where is the thread to bother about this. This absolutely doesn't work in regions other than the uUS or China. It's great to have this system. but I will use my sources.list file as well as sources.list.d in the future, too because this system leeds me to 0 kb/s download speed here in germany. In my opinion. you should put this thing back in to a pre alpha state and roll it out again when it works in more regions than US and Chine. You'll loose customers guys if you bother them with this!
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2016-03-13 06:16
Where is the thread to bother about this. This absolutely doesn't work in regions other than the uUS ...

Hi, horvan. Are you in Germany? There a few fast mirrors available, i'm currently using one and it's fast for me and I'm in Portugal. Select one  of "Fast" mirrors on Control Center > System Information >Update > Mirrors.
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2016-03-13 08:06
Intelligence System selection mirror at me is not working . Unfortunately...
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2016-03-13 10:05
Not working in my case.  It keeps on looking for updates forever. Also, Deepin Store is not working. Although I like the whole concept of Deepin, I am considering switching to another distro. I am in Venezuela, South America. Don-t know if failure to function properly has to do with it
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2016-03-16 08:55
Please try the following:
- Do select other mirror from control center like the above gif exemplifies, but don't do the final "update" step.
- Open Deepin-terminal, and do the usual
  1. sudo apt-get update
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Just post here if it solved the update problem.

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2016-03-29 13:17
Edited by horvan at 2016-3-29 11:13

Sorry but If I comment out the deepin approach in sources.list file and user the "normal" debian methode by pointing to a server directly for example:
## Generated by deepin-installer

## remove debian bandwich accelerator
##deb [by-hash=force] unstable main c$
#deb-src unstable main contrib non-fr$
deb unstable main contrib non-free

Everything works as fast as a bullet with a 6 MB/s internet connection, If I use the system as it is inteded and choose the same server from the list. This is so extremly slow that it bothers me to much

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2016-03-30 02:09
Just adding :
You can determin the best host with "netselect"

For each host, netselect figures out the approximate ping time (though not as accurately as ping does), the number of network "hops" to reach the target, and the percentage of ping requests that got through success‐fully. Then netselect calculates the "score" of each operational host based on these values.  A lower score is better, in the end it prints one line showing the server with the best score.

  1. netselect -v -t 50 $(curl -L
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2016-05-02 19:56
Edited by ger at 2016-5-2 12:05
Sorry but If I comment out the deepin approach in sources.list file and user the "normal" debian met ...

Hi horvan, could you please explain me how to do the changes you suggest? Because both the updates and the installation of software are completely frozen!
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2016-07-12 02:52

so you need to access /etc/apt/sources.list and change the content after that do

apt-get update
apt get upgrade

but you have to access a terminal first by pressing strg+alt+f1

login and do nano /etc/apt/sources.list

there you go
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2016-09-09 06:10
Hi there,

How is the speed test for mirrors going? Any progress there?
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2016-09-21 15:27
Almost all the mirrors out of China point to the CDN, but the CDN itself is not updating correctly, today we have other countries not in the repositories for updates Deepin 15.3.

Again I come to report to github as email, bugtracker and forum did not get answers for a week.

Please check this folder
Files date by 07 sep.

But in
Files date by 12 sep.

Some files date by day 07, but in China repository released update in day 12.
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2023-09-05 23:09
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