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2016-05-09 13:30
good afternoon, yesterday install Deepin for the first time, but what happened to me is that there came a 250mb upgrade but I spend 3 hours and not get even 1%, I wanted to update repositories sudo apt-get update, and just stayed loading first.
After that I decided to reset, try installing any app store Deepin little size but nothing, never reached even 1%.
I wonder if there is an error or a solution?
Thank you

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2016-05-09 14:26
Hi, Welcome to the Deepin Forum. I would first try selecting a faster mirror in the Deepin Control Center reset and update from terminal. This link explains how the mirrors work in Deepin. Though your greetings imply you may be in a region that does not yet see the benefit of the CDN acceleration and manually selecting a default mirror in your sources is another option.
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2022-09-07 03:15

Choosing a default mirror manually within your sources is another choice, even though your greetings imply you might be in a region that does not yet benefit from CDN acceleration. snake io

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2022-11-03 06:53

System upgrades typically involve adding new hardware or updating software to improve system functionality. If you are intersted to know about system upgerades go on my friend susgest me this website .

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