Geary email client is alive! New version released
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2016-05-23 06:36
Edited by tristar at 2016-5-23 07:48

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Changes in Geary 0.11.0:
  • added archive special folder support;
  • added is:read, is:unread: is:starred search operators;
  • fixed using multiple search operators – to:, from:, etc.;
  • work around crashes caused by WebKitGTK+ 2.4.10;
  • fixed a crash when searching;
  • fixed images not being displayed in some HTML messages;
  • fixed empty main window when opened from notification;
  • fixed UI freezing when network connections are lost;
  • work better with Cyrus & other servers when network unreliable;
  • enabled the use of custom FTS3 tokeniser in SQLite 3.12 and later;
  • fixed inconsistent Composer ‘Detach’ button placement;
  • documentation improvements;
  • updated UI translations.

At this moment there is no geary 0.11 in deepin repository, but here you have one from SID if you can't wait for upgrade from deepin devs.


Download deb package and double click on it.

have fun!
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