install error initial menu has no label entries deepin ver 15.1.1. 64bit
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2016-05-26 03:46
hello, trying to install deepin on a machine that has 4 gigs for ram, intel cpu 2.2 ghz with 200gigs hard drive. I used the deepin boot maker, no errors but when I try to boot from the usb I get the error boot initial menu has no label entries? I researched it said could be issue with syslinux? i have an intel chip the iso file says amd, is the issue? is there a 64bit version for intel?
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2016-05-26 04:16
Hi, Welcome to the Deepin Forum. amd64 is just the same name for x86-64 , you have the right one. If your using the Deepin boot maker there is a box to check to reformat the usb that is often over looked. You can also use other methods to make a bootable usb  UNetbootin or DD commands ect.
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2016-06-10 09:25
hi thx for helping, the issue was bad install iso, I download new file all good thx.
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