Deepin Painfully Slow Updates
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2016-05-31 09:56
Edited by azzuwan at 2016-5-31 17:57

Firstly, I would like to say I love Deepin. Kudos to the team for making a great distro. It is hands down one of the the most well crafted UI among the distros in the market today.

However, I would like to urge the Deepin team to take care of the slow update issues. I have six different linux distros in my machine. Deepin is the slowest in the bunch. I have switched mirrors and tried other tricks like opening the Deepin Store to no avail. The other distros update process happens almost 30 times faster than Deepin. I'm in malaysia and I have 30Mbps connection at home and 100Mbps connection at the office but even a 15 MB updates normally take around 3-5 hours If I'm lucky. Most of the time it will just idle waiting for a connection. I'm sure that Deepin updates are fast in China but for the rest of the world it is really bad. For now I will have to switch to other distros untill this is resolved.

If you guys need any help in order to setup CDNs and mirrors worldwide, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help set them up.

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2016-05-31 14:16
Hi, welcome to the Deepin forum. This link explain how the mirrors work in Deepin
If you read the forum you find that users in certain geographical locations change there default source.
If you like to help Deepin with there mirrors you can find the information at the bottom of the page on this link
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