[Update] Special Post of Application for Internal Testing Team & FAQ
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2016-07-12 22:37
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Brief Introduction

Internal Testing Team mainly provides quality assurance for the deepin project with the following roles:
Tester: Responsible for internal testing and feedback tracking, generally is community members
Developer: Responsible for bug fixing of software, generally is community or official developers
Official coordinator: Responsible for the overall coordination of internal testing, generally is official staff

There is no superior or inferior difference of roles, and ultimately what role you will play depends on your own ability.
deepin Internal Testing Team is looking forward to your participation!

Application Requirements
  • Read "https://bbs.deepin.org/post/30142", agree with the spirit advocated by deepin Community and helpful with good communication skill and interpersonal skill
  • No forum violation records
  • Active in the forum with fixed online time
  • The second application should be at least one month later than the first application failed
  • Familiar with Linux system (Optional)

Application Way
The only address for applicationhttp://form.mikecrm.com/aLfC6G

  • We will process the applications for Internal Testing Team membership every Friday.
  • The results will be sent by email.

Job Scope

Member Rights
  • Get the latest development achievements of deepin and software timely
  • Obtain the latest development plans and progress of deepin project in advance
  • Be on deepin contributors list
  • Outstanding members will get a souvenir from deepin

Job Contents
  • Build Internal Testing Team and call for more people to participate in
  • Participate in the internal testing activities actively
  • Feed back the testing information on time.
  • Actively cooperate with developers to solve the discovered bugs.
  • Should not disclose the confidential contents of internal testing activities

Community Rewards
  • InternalTesting users who consecutively participated 3 or more tests, will be rewarded with official community gifts.
  • InternalTesting users who submitted critical problem or useful advices against the tested subject, will be rewarded with official community gifts.

Principles for Dismissal
  • Violated forum rules for more than 3 times
  • Member complaints are more than 3 times
  • Users who consecutively absent for 3 times without asking for leave, due to the Internal Testing Team membership is limited
  • You can apply to quit from Internal Testing Team for personal reasons

Members of Internal Testing Team can not reapply within 3 months after dismissed due to violating principle 1 and 2.
Members of Internal Testing Team can not reapply within 1 month after dismissed due to violating principle 3.
Member who was dismissed three times in succession will permanently lose the application qualification of Internal Testing Team.

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2016-07-12 22:37

1. The process of internal testing activity.
  • deepin official staff write internal testing questionnaire and launch the internal testing activities.
  • Internal Testing Team members upgrade the system after switched to internal test mirror.
  • Internal Testing Team members test according to the questionnaire contents and fill in the internal testing questionnaire.
  • deepin official staff sort out the internal testing questionnaires, deepin official developers communicated with internal testing members to fix the discovered bugs.

2. How to switch to the internal test mirror?
All internal testing information will be released in Telegram group and the official Facebook group of Deepin Technology.

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