Organizing apps in launcher
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2016-08-06 20:58
I installed kdegames and in the launcher, some of those games went into the 'system' catagory, and some went into the 'games' catagory.

How do i move the games in the system catagory into the games catagory?

thanx in advance
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2017-03-05 18:55
Menulibre is also a good solution

sudo apt-get install menulibre

God, i was desperately looking for this application. Thanks!
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2016-08-07 08:32
All settings can be found in a folder /usr/share/applications
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2016-10-10 18:26
I am in the /usr/share/applications folder and there are no settings at all besides some useless "bamf.index" and "mimeapps.*" files. Where are the settings?
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2016-10-11 07:47
Edited by th3blad3runn3r at 2016-10-12 08:22

Here you'll find a  generic how-to procedure, for those misplacement cases.

Open deepin-terminal, and run
  1. cd /usr./share/applications
  2. ls *.desktop
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You'll see all the shortcuts known by the deepin launcher. Locate a shortcut currently belonging to the category you want to place kdegames into (steam, for example)
Open it via nano (or vi)
  1. nano steam.desktop
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Locate the line "categories" (at the very begining of the file), and copy it into the clipboard (ctrl+shit+c)
For example, my steam category is
  1. Categories=Network;FileTransfer;Game;
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now open kdegames.desktop (with sudo, because we're going to modify it)
  1. sudo nano kdegames.desktop
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Replace the line "categories" within the kdegames.desktop, with the one copied into your clipboard.
Feel free to replace Network and FileTransfer sub entries with someting more accurate.
Nota: Unlike the "steam.desktop" file,  categories line is usually located at the end  of the ".desktop" files..
Save the file and exit deepin-terminal.

You may have to logout (or at least invoke deepin-launcher twice), to see the kdegames now located into the right section.

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2016-10-11 19:55
Here you'll find a  generic how-to procedure, for those misplacement case.

Open deepin-terminal, an ...

Finally a sufficiently explained answer. Thank you very much!
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2016-10-11 21:48
Menulibre is also a good solution

sudo apt-get install menulibre
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