Deepin issues on mini pc
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2016-09-09 21:20
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Hello Deepin users!

I'm a Linux newbie, I've tried several linux distros and let me tell you, Deepin is one of my favorites.
Well, this is my present situation: I've installed Deepin on two different laptops and so far, they work fine(my friends are happy with it). But on my own computer is another story, when I click on the option Shutdown, thes system starts the shutdown process and gets stuck after the Deepin logo and computer cannot shutdown.(it shows something like "watchdog did not stop")
So I have to manually shutdown the computer(even after latest update). The Deepin version I'm using is 15.2 desktop 64 bits.

Also,when booting up, the boot loader is on "slow motion" when selecting the OS options(I have Deepin, Windows 7 Ultimate and LXLE "Eclectica")each one of them on different disk partitions plus a a linux swap partition, it takes like 5 seconds to move up or down between OS selection and the bootloader background picture looks really weird(like 16 colors resolution).
The mini computer I use is a Gigabyte GB-BXBT-2807 using dual Intel Celeron N2807 with 4Gb RAM and 500 Gb hard drive, also I've created an 8GB linux Swap partition(without it Deepin was really buggy)if on any update you manage to fix this issues I'll be very happy to keep Deepin on my computer,in my opinion one of the best linux distros I've tried so far. Keep the good job up! Thanks in advance.
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2016-09-11 16:18
Please try 15.3. I think it will be out in one week. There is a big improvement in it.
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2023-02-07 23:42
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