Bluetooth advanced options
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2016-12-06 16:29
I cant find advanced options for bluetooth connections it would be better if bluetooth was implemented smarter but im not holding my breath on that one.  Specifically I need to set the bluetooth profile that is used for particular connections.
My setup: deepin (15.3)  on a 64bit Dell inspiron 11, multibooting with Apricity, Manjaro, Fedora, Win10 and now RemixOS).  I would like to listen to music so I have a Logitech x100 - a small portable bluetooth speaker that can function as a handsfree.

Any android I have connected it to has handled it perfectly (including RemixOS).
A few distros sometimes are unable to connect to the speaker at all, some do but only after I delete the device from the list of known,paired or trusted devices, which then agravates the next and more annoying problem that every one of the linux distros that I have tried connects to the speaker on HSP or HFP which make my (already) crappy speaker sound like it is at the bottom of a swimming pool.  The solution is to connect via A2DP Usually I have to dig around and change the setting somewhere in a bluetooth control panel.

Alas I cant find this setting in Deepin and I would rather not install blueman if I can avoid it.  I am guessing there is some CLI app that I can use to configure this behaviour but I havent bee able to google it up yet.

And, for what possible reason would anyone want to connect to HSP or HFP when A2DP is available?  

Im guessing the speaker includes those profiles in case it needs to talk to a device that doesnt have A2DP.  Surely the A2DP connecting device should try to connect on the best quality connection that it can.

Thanks for reading and even more thanks if you have any ideas or solutions.

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2016-12-07 01:21
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Once I asked how to set advanced options for wireless card.Maybe you can try the same way.
  1. sudo lshw -class network
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This command should give you the name of the bluetooth driver,which usually is the same as the wireless card driver.
Then run the command below where is replaced with your bluetooth driver's name to check any options you can configure.
  1. sudo modinfo
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And now you need to add a conf file with the path /etc/modprobe.d/xxx.conf
The conf file contents should be like this
  1. options
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Hope it works.Good luck.
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2016-12-07 01:59
Hi. Have a look at the following recent Deepin post, where it shows how to configure so you have A2DP bluetooth:
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