New User Introduction + Question Re: Install Debian Extras + Zonealarm
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2017-04-29 13:03
Hi to all here in the Deepin BBS!
While looking into CCTV & Security Systems and discovering Zonealarm I have further been made aware of and now installed Deepin - previously I seem to have been more aligned with ubuntu based systems with pc and mobile support and forensics but am interested more than enough to finally register with a system to hopefully understand more and progress further with this system that has definatley caught my interest and attention - i have installed deepin 15.4 and run apt update, apt upgrade, apt dist-upgrade and all seems ok... thanks & cheers for now!

The installation of Zonealarm calls for some further componates:

Use Debian 9 net install CD. Install only: web server, SSH server and standard system utilities from tasksel

I wasn't sure where to check confirm if these are already in 15.4 - i presume this info/tool listing is on the wiki or in the system
Checking the - I don't think so but maybe some names or accronims could be i don't know

Do I need to download this Debian net Install CD - looks like a full or minumun is available but hopefully this can also be done with a terminal window with commands - can someone please advise? thank you.

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2017-04-29 13:41
I think it should work with Deepin too.
Install the following things:
Webserver: apt-get install lighttpd
SSH Server: apt-get install sshd
Tasksel: apt-get install tasksel
Then follow the installation instructions of zonealarm.
If you need more help,please link the installation instructions,I don't know that program.
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2017-04-30 18:22
I think it should work with Deepin too.
Install the following things:
Webserver: apt-get install lig ...

Thank you nipos - the best., exactly what i was hoping for much appreciated mate
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