Software repository Outdated!!
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2019-05-12 12:18
I really love deepin as a desktop environment but , it's software repositories are frozen back in time .Deepin is becoming visually appealing with every update whereas its core is full of outdated softwares. Here, i request deepin developers to improve software repos and basic core of the os .As main audience of linux are developers ,they need a fast machine with latest softwares and repos ,if somehow it is visually appealing it will be a plus.for eg:-
Flatpak support at 0.8 and we have 1.3 as new

Any work around i can use to use debian repositories
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2019-05-19 18:00
I installed the flathub repository and software plugin in order to get the latest version of Gimp and a few other applications. It's called the Debian stable repository for a reason and if you want bleeding edge or newer software versions Manjaro/Deepin may be worth a try. Snap has many more options, but brings a lot of Ubuntu dependencies with it.
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2019-05-20 05:54
deepin is based on debian stretch,so you can just read this:
then help yourself with stretch-backports to get the latest flatpak
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2022-12-07 10:45

Hi! Judging by the latest news that I found on the Internet, the Software repository is constantly updated. And now it is a good and powerful product. So I think Deepin has updated the program to the level you wanted. Check it out! You can find more information here:

I am glad if I helped you with your question.


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