[Share Experiences] Make deepin Portable with Only Six Steps
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2021-08-16 02:28

Follow the steps below to make deepin portable.

Step 1: Make a USB flash drive into the Ventoy boot disk with the Ventoy software.


Step 2: Download the image of deepin20.2.2 and put it in the Ventoy boot disk.



Step 3: Insert the Ventoy boot disk and a solid-state USB flash drive with no less than 32G.


Step 4: Boot the iso file of deepin20.2.2 with the Ventoy boot disk.



Step 5: Select the external solid-state USB flash drive for storage, create a new partition with EFI file system, size of 300M and mount point of /.



Step 6: Unplug the Ventoy boot disk after the installation is finished, boot the system and you can start your exploration in the new world.

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2021-09-22 07:51

Great, thanks for the images and details.

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