[Bulletin] 2021/10/23 Internal Testing For deepin
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2021-10-23 07:53

Dear deepin friends, in order to ensure version quality of the next update, we're now launching internal testing seeking participation from all members in this team.



1. Added: new shortcut for Global Search.

2. Added: the list of wired networks is available by clicking the network icon in the Dock.

3. Added: a plugin in the Dock for displaying login logs.

4. Added: multi-display settings for the Dock in the context menu under extend mode.

5. Optimized: the minimum scale value of the volume bar in the Dock.

6. Optimized: Bluetooth pairing and disconnection.

7. Optimized some functions of File Manager and fixed some problems.

8. Optimized: the adaptive display of Draw.

9. Optimized: some interfaces of Browser.

10. Fixed: after wakeup, the system could not be entered even if entering the correct password.

Testing Schedule


Test Procedure

  •     Connect to the internal source and upgrade the system to the latest edition.


Upgrade method:The internal test version may be unstable. Please do not use it in production environment


  1. Change the sources, run in terminal:


sudo deepin-editor /etc/apt/sources.list


  1. Paste the following contents to sources.list, then save and exit.


## Generated by deepin-installer

deb [by-hash=force] https://community-packages.deepin.com/deepin/ apricot main contrib non-free

#deb-src https://community-packages.deepin.com/deepin/ apricot main contrib non-free

deb [trusted=yes] https://proposed-packages.deepin.com/dde-apricot unstable main contrib non-free


3、Execute sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade command in terminal. After upgrade successful, please reboot your computer.




How to manually upgrade your kernel:sudo apt install linux-image-deepin-stable-amd64 linux-headers-deepin-stable-amd64  


  • The internal testing is limited to members. Click here  to join it.
  • All members of Internal Testing Team will participate by default.
  • Members who consecutively absent themselves for 3 times without asking for leave, will be dismissed from the Team.
  • Please do not distribute the content and data of the Internal Testing. Otherwise you will be dismissed from the Team.


Many thanks to all the Internal Testing Team members for your active participation!



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