[News] 【2021-11-24】Updates of Deepin Forum
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2021-11-01 11:15

Hello, we have started to improve Deepin Forum Welcome to use it!




1. Added: home page switch animation of clicking some function buttons.

2. Added: add message alerts next to the avatar in the navigation bar.

3. Improved:trigger experience for navigation bar avatar position.

4. Fixed: the problem of language auto-selection and website cache conflict.

5. Fixed: the navigation bar avatar dialog box may be unresponsive when clicked.

6. Fixed: the problem of too large image size in the reply.

7. Fixed: the problem that the message alert is not updated in time after the message is read.

8. Fixed: markdown inline code style issues.


9. Fixed: the problem of the number of glory list posts in new lines.




1. Improved: post details page click on the title to open in a new tab.

2. Fixed: some interface style issues.




1. Added: new icons to show whether the post contains attachments and pictures in the list of posts.

2. Added: preload page data to reduce page flicker when switching pages, and automatically scroll to the last browsing position when returning back to the page.

3. Improved: the user experience of the post editor - add the shortcut (Ctrl+Enter) to release the post, add the file upload progress, and optimize the display size of emojis.

4. Improved: after refreshing the page, the content in the reply box is still there.

5. Improved: use hidden verification codes in the comment box.

6. Improved: show sign-in prompt when you click "Reply" if not signed in.

7. Improved: press Enter to go to a certain floor directly (instead of clicking "Go").

8. Improved: render more interface components on the server to avoid flickering when loading the page.

9. Fixed: keep showing "Loading" in the modules without posts.

10. Fixed: the post information is not shown in the title in WeChat after sharing a forum link to WeChat.




1. Improved the search function to get more related results.

2. Improved the posting mechanism to reduce the probability that users cannot post.




1. Added a markdown editor for better editing.

2. Added the display of user avatars in the post list.

3. Optimized the size limit of pictures and attachments from 2 MB to 4 MB.

4. Optimized the level shown next to the user's nickname.

5. Optimized the posting process and hid the verification code.

6. Fixed the issue that some icons flickered when hovering on them.

7. Fixed the issue that the use of @sb did not send the notification to that user.

8. Fixed the issue that the language of the editor did not follow the language changes of the forum in real-time.


We will go on improving and fixing the serious problems and requirements that you have reported before, please stay tuned.




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