[News] Deepin 20.4 - Waiting for Your Review
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2022-01-26 02:55



Deepin 20.4 comes with enhanced system installation and user experiences and offers many practical features to meet user needs in more scenarios.


You may have experienced its new features for a few days. To attract more people to know and use deepin, Deepin Community launches a new activity - Deepin 20.4 Review.



How to join it?




Reply under this thread and tell the feature you like most and the reason.

Example: I like the Collections function of Deepin Browser very much. When I browse webpages, I can easily save the content that I am particularly interested in, including text and pictures.




Share your video or picture of deepin 20.4 on social platforms such as Facebook / Twitter with the tag #deepin20.4#, take a screenshot of the shared content and reply under this post.




Thank you for your contributions, let's make deepin better and better!




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2022-02-07 06:51

To be honest I'm a big fan, I love all the features, I love how it looks, how easy to use is it, and I also love that it has all the basic required (and not so required but very useful) programs well integrated in the OS (email client, text writer, the screenshot and recording tool, etc.). But I should say my favorite feature and the one I use the most (a part fo the email client which has been improved a lot recently but still not my favorite) is indeed the clipboard manager.

I know there are still other things to improve, like slowliness (more often when opening the full screen launcher), the smart hide trigger area which is too big; or the possibility to resize the email client under 768 pixels or less vertically (sorry, my screen is a bit small for the current standards 😅), however they doesn't do the OS unusable, it's instead pretty good in general and as I said, I love it.

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