[News] 2022/3/4 Internal Testing For deepin
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2022-03-05 06:08

Dear deepin friends, in order to ensure version quality of the next update, we're now launching internal testing seeking participation from all members in this team.




Control Center
  • Added: face recognition and iris recognition.
  • Added: multiple IPs can be set for a single network card.
  • Added: support airplane mode settings.
  • Optimized: the way to enter the username/password for a wireless network.
  • Fixed: a crash occurred when you clicked the left panel of Control Center if the display scaling was set to 1.25.
  • Fixed: the changes of the pointer speed and enabling the left-hand mouse mode did not take effect.
  • Fixed: the background of the grub page was not changed after turning on the grub theme and restarting the device.


Grand Search
  • New: the file type and the file format can be used as the keyword.
  • Optimized: the retrieval capability of file extensions.
  • Optimized: the search scope.


  • Updated: the Stable kernel to version 5.15.24.


  • Optimized: the copy logic of multiple displays.
  • Optimized: the response speed when you switched the launcher from the mini window to a full-screen window.
  • Fixed: the background of the launcher was abnormal after resetting the resolution to 1080p.
  • Fixed: after enabling the numeric keyboard switch, you could still enter numbers.
  • Fixed: the WLAN icon in the Dock was displayed improperly.
  • Fixed: there were multiple identical icons in the plugin area of the Dock.
  • Fixed: the "tile-window-to-screen" menu did not follow the system theme.


  • Fixed: the UI and function issues to improve user experiences.
  • Fixed: security vulnerabilities.
Testing Schedule


Test Procedure

  •     Connect to the internal source and upgrade the system to the latest edition.


Upgrade method:The internal test version may be unstable. Please do not use it in production environment


  1. Change the sources, run in terminal:


sudo deepin-editor /etc/apt/sources.list


  1. Paste the following contents to sources.list, then save and exit.


## Generated by deepin-installer

deb [by-hash=force] https://community-packages.deepin.com/deepin/ apricot main contrib non-free

#deb-src https://community-packages.deepin.com/deepin/ apricot main contrib non-free

deb [trusted=yes] https://proposed-packages.deepin.com/dde-apricot unstable main contrib non-free


3、Execute sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade command in terminal. After upgrade successful, please reboot your computer.




How to manually upgrade your kernel:sudo apt install linux-image-deepin-stable-amd64 linux-headers-deepin-stable-amd64  


  • The internal testing is limited to members. Click here  to join it.
  • All members of Internal Testing Team will participate by default.
  • Members who consecutively absent themselves for 3 times without asking for leave, will be dismissed from the Team.
  • Please do not distribute the content and data of the Internal Testing. Otherwise you will be dismissed from the Team.


Many thanks to all the Internal Testing Team members for your active participation!




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