[News] 2022 Deepin Global Wallpapers Contest
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2022-04-06 05:56




Awakening your creative soul with delicate wallpapers

2022 deepin global wallpapers contest has kicked off

Looking forward to your inspiration



Contest Procedure

The event is divided into two phases: the wallpaper collection period and the voting period, and the award-winning works will be voted by users of the deepin open-source community.

Collection period: April 6, 2022~April 19, 2022

Voting period: April 21, 2022~April 27, 2022

Announcement for award-winning works: April 28, 2022




1. Email your wallpaper works to the official mailbox of the deepin community.

Email address:

Email title: [deepin wallpaper] + the number of wallpapers

Email body: author's name + contact information (telephone + email) + postal address. Please compress wallpapers in .zip/.rar format and upload the archive as an attachment.


2. The wallpaper works can be photographic photos and original design pictures.



Requirements & Rules



Requirements for Collections

1. The wallpaper works can be in any subject such as landscapes, people, animation, architecture, and 3D images;

2. Each wallpaper should be less than 10 MB. Please do not exceed the maximum limit;

3. The size of the work should be unified as 2560X1600px, and the resolution should not be lower than 200DPI;

4. The file format is limited to JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF only;

5. The work submitted must be original rather than plagiarized or embezzled versions of others. Moreover, the copyright has not been transferred to others (For the material element (non-original) contained in the work, the submitter shall be authorized to use them.). In case of copyright disputes arising in the contest or commercial applications, the submitter shall be responsible for the legal responsibilities. 



Voting Rules

1. The works collected will enter the voting pool after the official screening.

2. One can vote at most 10 votes per day.


Selecting Rules


The works shall be ranked by the number of votes. The more votes there are, the higher the ranking is.

After receiving the notification of the works selected, further communication will be conducted between the submitter and official staff to confirm the issue of the award as well as the subsequent copyright transfer and delivery. The copyright of the works awarded will belong to The deepin open-source community team has the final interpretation rights for the event.



Awards & No.

Best Creativity Award: 1

Best Popularity Award: 3

Excellence Award: 6

Notes: High-quality wallpaper works will enter the deepin built-in wallpaper library after being evaluated by the deepin open-source community team.




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