[News] Deepin - To Be a Developer-friendly OS
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2022-04-13 01:34

How to make deepin more developer-friendly?

We have been thinking about this question for a long time, and have been taking some actions recently.


Fill in a questionnaire here, submit developer-related application suggestions.



If you are a developer who uses Linux as a development platform, when configuring the development environment, you may encounter these problems, for example, you have to search for, download, and install development packages from various resources, or cannot find the source code of packages to compile and install them. It's not a big problem for experienced persons, but for a newbie developer, it may take a lot of time.


To make this process more developer-friendly, we have put some development environments on the App Store in the past few weeks, including DTK, Sailfish SDK, and the cocos2d game development engine. You can directly search for and install them in the App Store with all required dependencies automatically installed, without additional manual command-line installation, which greatly saves configuration time.





Development Environments in App Store




DTK: Development ToolKit, is a set of UI graphics libraries based on Qt5 for unified development of deepin desktop environments and deepin applications.





Mainly divided into the following modules:





Provides a common compilation configuration for each DTK module


Provides tools for application development, such as app log management, file system monitoring, format conversion, and other tools


Contains the basic functions required for GUI program development, mainly to control the theme and behavior of windows, such as the styles of window borders


Provides a variety of UI controls in a unified style


Qt platform plugins


A collection of other Qt plugins, including the platformtheme plugin and various image decoding plugins



2 Sailfish SDK


Sailfish is a Linux-based open-source operating system mainly used for mobile devices. It is developed by Jolla Ltd., a company founded by former Nokia employees, on the basis of the community-developed Mer project of the MeeGo system that Nokia abandoned in 2011.




The Sailfish SDK provides integrated development environment (IDE) and command-line interface (CLI) tools and provides an extremely portable build system and Sailfish OS emulator using virtual machine (VM) technology. It is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems.



· Sailfish IDE: A derivative of Qt Creator

· sfdk: CLI frontend

· libSfdk: API for SDK control

· Build Engines: VMs that encapsulate lower-level build tools in a portable way

· Additional Sailfish OS emulators for various Sailfish OS versions

· Additional build tools that support developing various Sailfish OS versions running on different hardware platforms



3 cocos2d


cocos2d is a family of open-source development frameworks for building mobile games from China, released under the MIT license. The core of the engine is written in C++, and provides three programming language interfaces, C++, Lua, an*. It supports cross-platform mobile OS such as iOS and Android, desktop operating systems such as Windows and Mac, and HTML5 browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and IE.




It is widely used in the development of interactive graphical applications such as mobile games, children's educational software, and multimedia UI solutions.


The above is a small step to reach the goal that making deepin more developer-friendly. We need to do more in the future. Welcome to submit info on development applications, or write down your opinions and suggestions. Let's move towards this goal together.

Fill in a questionnaire here


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April 12, 2022





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