[News] App Show of Deepin App Store: Phase I - Recommended Apps in March
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2022-04-19 11:32


"App Show of Deepin App Store" is a brand-new content series from the deepin community for regularly recommending high-quality apps and introducing monthly published and updated apps, etc. in App Store. In this article, we will introduce the apps published and updated in March.


In March, we released 41 Linux original applications and updated 87 applications in the store. Among them, we pick 3 applications that you may want to use for further explanation.



01. cocos2d


Deepin is aiming to be a more developer-friendly Linux distribution. cocos2d is a family of open-source development frameworks for building mobile games from China, released under the MIT license. The core of the engine is written in C++, and provides three programming language interfaces, C++, Lua, an*. It supports cross-platform mobile OS such as iOS and Android, desktop operating systems such as Windows and Mac, and HTML5 browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and IE.


It is widely used in the development of interactive graphical applications such as mobile games, children's educational software, and multimedia UI solutions.





02. Relational


Relational is primarily a tool to provide a workspace for experimenting with relational algebra, an offshoot of first-order logic.


This package provides a graphical user interface that can be used to execute relational queries.





03. enemylines3


It is a single-player game. You have to shoot evil robots before they get too close, you can use your jetpack to escape. The robos can't jump but they tear down walls.





Open App Store to search for and try them now.


To get more info on published and updated apps in March, click here.


If you have any opinions or suggestions on the apps in App Store, leave a message in the comment section, or submit feedback on development applications (Submit here). We will evaluate the priority based on the specific content and then improve the overall user experience!


See you next time~





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