[News] Deepin Internal Test Group Recruitment
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2022-04-21 07:57

The deepin internal test group is composed of elites from the deepin open source community ( They have been doing a great job in each round of internal testing and hardly any bug can escape their eyes. It is because of the unremitting efforts of the internal test group and the whole deepin team that the stable, smooth, smart, and innovative deepin has come out.


If you have time and ideas and are willing to join us, welcome to join the internal test group and witness the growth of deepin with us.



What Is Deepin Beta Version?


The deepin beta version is the test version before the official release and is pushed once a week tentatively. It is the most frequently updated version with the latest new features and newly-fixed bugs. Compared with the officially released version, the beta version is updated in a timelier manner but may be unstable at the same time.



Am I Suitable for the Internal Testing Work?


If you are qualified with the following, you are warmly welcomed to join us:

Expecting to experience the new features in advance;

Knowing about the instability of the beta version and willing to feed back the issues encountered and resolve them collaboratively with the developers;

Being a deepin enthusiast, not afraid of challenges and setbacks, and keen on new technology. 



What Are the Special Experiences?


1. Experience the latest features: Receive the newest beta version timely with the upgrading and maintenance service on a weekly basis.

2. Exchange your ideas on products: Communicate and interact with deepin product managers and developers directly and get timely responses.

3. Acquire your dedicated identifier: Get the dedicated deepin internal test group identifier which will be publicized on the internal test honor wall.

4. Be rewarded with gifts: Get deepin merchandise as gifts and have priority in major activities in the open source community such as taking part in DDUC and technical discussions as a guest.



How to Join the Internal Test Group?


Click on the Telegram group link below to join.





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