[Exchange Ideas] deepin internal testing plan, limited quota!
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2022-04-24 03:53

Topic 1: 【What attracts you most about deepin 20.5? 】

Event period: April 22, 2022 to April 25, 2022

way of participation:
Step 1. During the validity period of the event, publish a topical post with the caption "#deepin 20.5" on social platforms (Twitter, FaceBook or others).
Step 2. Tell us why you like Deepin, and send the screenshots to us for success.
Step 3. There are no restrictions on the form of posting, and it can be in short text, pictures or videos.
How to get a place:
Step 1: Search "deepin Linux" on Telegram and join the group.
Step 2: Find ZahngJason, the official deepin staff member, and send a screenshot of your content.
Step 3: Jason will check whether your content meets the requirements of the event. If it meets the requirements, Jason will invite you to join the internal testing group.
Step 4: You have become our official tester.

Around the topic 【What attracts you most about deepin 20.5? 】The event is officially launched, welcome to participate, we are waiting for you to move forward together! Please check the instructions on the poster.


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2022-09-07 04:07

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2022-09-07 09:57

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