[App Sharing] A Community Live CD, Version 1.1.0
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2022-05-11 16:24


Deepin Team published official Live CD oldly and isn't enough of urgenting repair program. So I built and published this Live CD.
Old Live CD:


About This Community Live CD

It depend on deepin 20.5 and old live cd 2.0. Now have 3 release such as tiny release, mini release and full release.
You can use this Live CD in Legary And UEFI computer. And don't extract live cd boot devices when live cd run.
Full release root user password is 123456
Other release unknown root password, you can use passwd command to change root password when you want to use root password.
And I'm lazy, so I don't change Live CD background pictures.


https://bbs.deepin.org/post/166409 @xchngg
https://bbs.deepin.org/post/228930 @deepin-superuserhttps://bbs.deepin.org/post/228568 @木一明@为什么您不喜欢熊出没和阿布呢(He don't have deepin BBS users)

VirtualBox_deepin live cd Test_08_05_2022_15_23_31.png

What did Live CD 1.1.0 update?

  1. Use New Linux Kernel 5.15.24
  2. Can run without other boot devices

3 Release Different

If you don't want to know, you can choose full release, but full release only have chinese language.

Tiny Release

Only update old live cd kernel, don't update others. It can choose other language.
VirtualBox_deepin live cd Test_08_05_2022_15_42_04.png
Debian 10.x 64 位-2022-05-11-16-44-07.png
Debian 10.x 64 位-2022-05-11-16-49-22.png

Mini Release

Not only update Linux Kernel, but also install some ungent repair program such as vim, timeshift, firefox(update), it also can choose others language.
VirtualBox_deepin live cd Test_08_05_2022_15_38_48.png
Debian 10.x 64 位-2022-05-11-16-38-55.png
Debian 10.x 64 位-2022-05-11-16-39-05.png

Full Release

It was built by deepin 20.5, it have some usual using ungent repair program, but it can't choose other language and it is very big.

VirtualBox_deepin live cd Test_08_05_2022_15_42_51.png

How To Run In Local

You can download this install package in down websize. When you have installed, you can reboot your computer to choose Live CD option from grub boot.

Download Websize(China Download Source)

Baidu Cloud:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1n5J8M8iqfI-kMbmHfR-x9w Password: ejr7

Alibaba Cloud(you must change file name):https://www.aliyundrive.com/s/bfzZhFWCEdi
10086 Cloud:https://caiyun.139.com/m/i?0r5CLA9upgtMT Password:nEy6
Spark Store(only local release): only have tiny release, you can download and install Spark Store to get it.

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