[Newbies] WeTV works on Deepin 20.5!
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2022-05-11 17:33

Running Deepin as dual boot alongside Windows 11 on Huawei Matebook D 15. Too bad for Windows, turned into a big stinking pile of spyware after version 8.1. So my Win11 installation is put permanently offline. Anything I need to do online I do on Deepin! Anyways, WeTV seems to work in browser of Deepin 20.5. Good job Deepin Team! I no longer need Windows to enjoy WeTV!!

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2022-05-11 17:35

BTW, the laptop sound does NOT work on Deepin 20.5. Some people said it's a kernel glitch. Bluetooth sound still works. I only wear my bluetooth headset to listen to sound on the Matebook D 15 anways...

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