[Version closed beta] 2022/5/13 Internal Testing For deepin
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2022-05-14 02:04

Dear deepin friends, in order to ensure version quality of the next update, we're now launching internal testing seeking participation from all members in this team.


New features and optimizations

File Manager

Added "Build No." in the properties of Computer.

Optimized the interaction of dragging files from outside when the page was full of files in the list view.

Grand Search

Added the search results of Apps and Settings in "Best match".

Added the feature to distinguish the search results with the same name by the last modification time and the parent path.


Optimized the display order of the main menu.

Added the support for JPEG, PBM, PGM, PPM, XBM, XPM formats.

Added the support for JPEG, PPM, XBM, XPM formats when drawings were saved and exported.

Optimized the export and save paths of drawings.

Log Viewer

Added the support for exporting all logs with one click.


Updated the graphics card firmware to improve the compatibility of graphics card drivers.

Added one desktop wallpaper.

Bug fixes

File Manager

Fixed: users could not set the default opening method of pictures to Album on some devices.

Fixed: if pressing the Space key to preview a picture in File Manager, the picture was displayed incomplete on some devices.

Fixed: after users selected several folders, right-clicked on them and opened with File Manager, Package Installer was called out on some devices.

Fixed: when there was only one folder or file in a directory, pressed the first english letter of the file name on the keyboard to navigate to that folder or file, which took effect only once.

Fixed: if full-text search was repeated several times, the system was stuck on some devices.

Fixed: on some devices, after formatting a USB flash drive to vfat format, try to reformat it, the format of USB flash drive was displayed as ext3.

Window Manager

Fixed: when there were four screens with their order changed in the extend mode, the windows were not fully displayed and could not be moved on some devices.

Fixed: when the multitasking view was entered in dual-screen mode, there were duplicate wallpapers in the workspaces added or deleted by pressing Alt + "-" or Alt +"+" on some devices.

Fixed: when the multitasking view was entered on some devices, the window jittered.

Fixed: when "Window Effect" was turned on on some devices, the four corners of the window had black shadows.

Fixed: when the multitasking view was opened on some devices, the color of the dock became white and there was no transparency effect.

Fixed: after mulptile windows were opened and the multitasking view was opened, the transparency of the workspace window was abnormal on some devices in the process of dragging it to move its position.

Fixed: if the auto screen lock was set, when the multitasking view was opened until the lock time, the login box was not displayed on the lockscreen on some devices.

Grand Search

Fixed: the searched application was not included in the best match when there was a file with the same name as the application.

Do not support the preview of items in the best match at present.

Fixed: after clicking the application in the best match, search the same keyword again, the clicked item was not ranked first.

Image Viewer

Fixed: pictures in .pct format were displayed badly on some devices.


Fixed: users could not change the resolution of some devices with Xe graphics cards.

Fixed security vulnerability to improve system security.

Test Procedure

Connect to the internal source and upgrade the system to the latest edition.

Upgrade method:(The internal test version may be unstable. Please do not use it in production environment)

Change the sources, run in terminal:sudo deepin-editor /etc/apt/sources.list

Paste the following contents to sources.list, then save and exit.

## Generated by deepin-installer

deb [by-hash=force] https://community-packages.deepin.com/deepin/ apricot main contrib non-free

#deb-src https://community-packages.deepin.com/deepin/ apricot main contrib non-free

deb [trusted=yes] https://proposed-packages.deepin.com/dde-apricot unstable main contrib non-free

Execute sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade command in terminal. After upgrade successful, please reboot your computer.

Test and fill out the questionnaire (https://shimo.im/forms/FBMm8Cel2rk9U1X4/fill) to give feedback on your questions.


Upgrade your kernel to 5.15:sudo apt install linux-image-deepin-stable-amd64 linux-headers-deepin-stable-amd64

Upgrade your kernel to 5.17:sudo apt install linux-image-deepin-experiment-amd64 linux-headers-deepin-experiment-amd64


  • The internal testing is limited to members. Click here to join it.

  • All members of Internal Testing Team will participate by default.

  • Members who consecutively absent themselves for 3 times without asking for leave, will be dismissed from the Team.

  • Please do not distribute the content and data of the Internal Testing. Otherwise you will be dismissed from the Team.


Many thanks to all the Internal Testing Team members for your active participation!

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