[deepin Wishes] Alt+F4 / Del Key to Close a Selected Window in Workspace Mode
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2022-05-16 09:07

Hi there :)

I'd love it if hitting Del or Alt+F4 will terminate the window that im on and is selected when viewing all the windows at the same time

like after when using the finger gestures up, or Super+W (or A) to see the windows in the workspace

sounds relativly simple to do, if anyone can point me to the relevate files, i'd love to try editing myself before next update :P

also! in Super+A/W mode, filtering by titles, then Shift+Del to close all the filtered windows could also be amazing!!!

also also, Esc key should exit the workspace view (the one that comes from the touchpad gesture , in Super+A/W mode it already works)

thanks a lot and have a good one ! Tami 🌻

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