[Topic DIscussion] Deepin Open Source Community Internal Testing Group Recruitment
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2022-05-23 19:09


Deepin internal testing group has always been an elite team of deepin open source community (deepin.org)

They have done a good job in each round of version internal testing, and every bug cannot escape the eyes of the internal testing team

They work with community officials to create a smooth, stable, intelligent and innovative deepin

If you have time, ideas and will, then join our internal testing team and grow together with deepin~

What is the deepin beta version

The deepin beta version is the beta version before the official release. It is tentatively scheduled to be pushed once a week. It is the version with the most frequent updates and the most timely new functions and bug fixes. Compared with the officially pushed version, the internal beta version is the most timely update, but there will be unstable situations.

Am I suitable to participate in the deepin beta test?

if you:

Hope to experience new features and understand the instability of the beta version;

Willing to give positive feedback and cooperate with community developers to solve problems when encountering problems;

Love tossing, love technology, love deepin.

Then you are welcome to join the beta team.

What are the unique experiences

  1. Early adopters of new functions: Your device will receive the latest internal beta version as soon as possible, and the version will be upgraded and maintained once a week;
  2. Product communication: directly communicate with deepin products and engineers, and the official personnel respond and record in time;
  3. Identification: the exclusive identification of the "Deep Internal Testing Group", which will be publicized on the internal testing honor wall;
  4. Get gifts: In-depth peripheral gift rewards, enjoy priority as a guest to participate in major events in the deep open source community such as DDUC and technical discussions.

How do I participate in the closed beta

Click this link directly to enter the Telegram group: https://t.me/+8w8wm4IgiKc3MTk1

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